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February 1, 2017  

A CALL TO RETURN: Restoring the Roots of Our Relationship With Jesus- Complete Book

February 1, 2017



Here is the full 248 page book published by Westbrook Press and sold by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many others for $20.00. This is the original PDF used by Westbrook for publication. Be blessed!

So you get an idea of the themes of this powerfully anointed book, here are the chapter titles:

1 A Prophetic Call to Return 

2 The Revival of Lawlessness 

3 The Revival of Lawlessness—Part 2

4 The Revival of God’s Commandments 

5 God’s Purpose for His Commandments 

6 The Preexistence of God’s Commandments 

7 New Testament Commandments for the Church 

8 Faith, Grace, Works, and God’s Commands 

9 The Missing Ingredient: Holiness 

10 The Fear of the Lord

11 A Temple of the Holy 

12 Loving the Lord Jesus 

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