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October 13, 2017  

Did the Grace of God Cancel Biblical Commandments? - Free PDF study-62 Pages

October 13, 2017


Be blessed with this 62 page FREE PDF!

Why do we need a message like this today?

Look around and note the modern teachings spreading among the churches. There are those that emphasize we should keep Sabbath days, feasts and festivals, laws concerning foods, and other ritual laws of Israel. On the other hand, there are ministers, churches, and books that insist that we are not under any law and that we should not obey Old Testament commandments. I have heard it taught that we are not subject to any of the Ten Commandments because all commandments were under the law and they are not a part of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

What teachings are right? What does the Scripture say about these things? What did the apostles teach?

In this 62 page treatise, you will see what the Word says about these things, and you will be able to share it effectively. My purpose is not argument, division, or trying to prove others wrong, but to enlighten, help, and bless. 

Table of Contents

Part 1: Why Force the Gentiles to Live like Jews?

  • Why force the gentiles to live like Jews?
  • The Temporary Nature of Ritual Ceremonial Laws
  • Have you heard that we should learn more about our Hebrew roots?

Part 2: The Effect of the Destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and How That Relates to Christians Today

  • The Birth of a New Jewish Interpretation of the Ritual-Ceremonial Laws Given to Moses at Sinai
  • The Lack of Emphasis in the Epistles on Keeping any Ritual-Ceremonial Laws or Commandments

Part 3: The Acts 15 Church Council, Moral Laws, and the Summary

  • The Acts 15 Church Council
  • The Necessity of Obeying MORAL Commandments in the New Testament
  • The Summary of ALL Moral Commandments in Scripture

Part 4: Moral Commandments and Inheritance in the Kingdom of God and Christ

  • Inheritance in the Kingdom of God and Christ
  • How did Paul form these lists of things prohibited for all believers?
  • The Righteous and the Unrighteous
  • Inclusion or Exclusion from the Kingdom of Christ or God
  • A Little Yeast Affects the Whole Batch
  • Don’t be fooled by those who try to excuse these sins
  • Positive and negative moral commandments
  • The Steadfast Endurance of the Saints

Part 5: Commandments of Moral Conduct Revealed from the Beginning- A

  • A short summary and a double obsolescence
  • Paul's usage of the word law
  • God’s Commandments to Adam and Eve
  • Commandments of Moral Conduct Revealed from the Beginning

Part 6: Commandments of Moral Conduct Revealed from the Beginning- B

  • Christ the end of the law
  • The shadow overtaken by the reality and fulfillment
  • Paul's use of the word commandments
  • A covenant addendum
  • The Book of Genesis- Beginnings

Part 7: Did Jesus Invent the Love Commandment?

  • A new commandment
  • Love from the beginning
  • The Golden Rule- Love in Action
  • The Only Commandment for the Church is Love?
  • Condensing the law and the prophets into two commandments
  • If you love Him, then you will obey His commandments

Be blessed with this 62 page FREE PDF! Originally this was published as 7 long articles on our site, but now you have it all in one place. The footnotes appear on the bottom of the page instead of at the end end of each chapter. It's a lot easier to read and study the treatise in this format, and great to have this info at your fingertips.  

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