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October 19, 2018  

Do You Want To Really Live? Part 2

October 19, 2018


I am not asking the world this question. The world needs to come to Jesus FIRST before any of this can be applied to them. After they make Jesus Lord, now comes the question: Do you want to really live? The Scripture tells us exactly what is required! Listen first to part one of this short two-part series. Download part 2 using the button below after my free book and PDF offers.

Be blessed! Glory to God! 


Do you have questions about grace, law, faith, and the commandments? Are these things being taught correctly at your church? The following two free resources will answer truckloads of questions, and set you free!  


What are you hearing at your church? Are you being taught that biblical commandments are unnecessary to regulate Christian behavior under grace? Is your pastor telling you that you no longer have to obey the commandments of God, and that it is ONLY love and grace now? Are we to "X" out all commandments today? What do pastors mean when they say that the church is ONLY under the commandment of love? Why are many churches rejecting God’s commandments? Is this the revelation of the hour?

What are the consequences of denying biblical commandments? Do you know what is happening to churches that preach a gospel that denies all moral commandments as recorded in nine (9) of the Ten Commandments, and all over the Bible? Why is lawlessness running rampant in so many sectors of the church? Why have adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pedophilia, theft, covetousness, occult practices, idolatry, and many other immoral activities spread into many churches? Could it have something to do with the denial, rejection, minimizing, or replacing of God’s moral laws revealed in Scripture? You bet it does!

It is truly amazing to me that pastors often don't see the correlation between loose morals in their churches and their lack of teaching the moral commandments of God. Faith in God's moral guidelines also comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). I've been in churches where year after you year nothing is taught about God's moral guidelines. I am not exaggerating! 

This free 62 page PDF, “Did the Grace of God Cancel Biblical Commandments” will teach you WHY Christians MUST obey MORAL commandments according to the New Testament! We also teach you WHY Christians are NOT subject to CEREMONIAL commandments that were meant ONLY for Israel. This is vital information for pastors, churches, and the entire Body of Christ! Don't be deceived! Download this free 62 page PDF using this link. It fills in some gaps in our book, "Faith that Receives the Grace of God." They compliment each other, and they are completely free of charge. Be mightily blessed!




Faith that Receives the Grace of God is so important for you and me right now! There is an abundance of strange teaching in the area of grace. Grace has become for many a proposition "sin all you want without accountability", and a "do-nothing to receive from God." Grace for many is a rejection of Biblical moral commandments, and for others it is a denial of the words of Jesus. Grace, when it is in its right place Scripturally, is beautiful, abundant, and powerful, but it can be misused and misapplied. Unfortunately, grace is often taught wrongly. Instead of amazing grace, it has become gross, devilish, pseudo “grease” and not the Blood-bought-grace taught in the New Testament! This book was written so the Biblical perspective on faith and grace could be clearly presented by using verses in their context and according to the intent of the writers of the New Testament. If you have questions in this area, this free 266-page book is for you. Download the free PDF file here.





Get it as an ebook, softcover, or hardcover book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christianbook, Westbow Press, or order it through your favorite bookstore.

From the Back Cover:

A Call to Return—Restoring the Roots of Our Relationship with Jesus explores the depths of the Scriptures to excavate, refine, and lift up its words of power, revealing deep truths that will radically change the lives of believers. By tapping into this rich vein of biblical insight, Dan Alan Rodriguez offers Christians the insights to enable them to set out upon paths of discipleship that follow Jesus closely and that lead to profound experiences of His presence and power.

Drawing upon the author’s study of first-century Judaism and Christianity and resting upon a diverse array of sources steeped in the foundational texts of these traditions, the twelve chapters of A Call to Return address a series of interlocking topics: a prophetic call to return; the revival of lawlessness; the revival, purpose, and preexistence of God’s commandments; the church’s commandments and their connections to faith, grace, and good works; the association of works of the law to Jewish tradition and ceremony; holiness; the fear of the Lord; each believer as a temple of the holy; and the meaning of loving the Lord Jesus.

If you have a sense that Jesus’s message and ministry are calling you to embark upon a walk with Him that might take you away from all in Christianity that requires no accountability or responsibility before God, then A Call to Return—Restoring the Roots of Our Relationship with Jesus is the right book for you to read. It will give you the keys for understanding and responding to the Lord’s call to return to Him and to follow where He leads.

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Rev. 2:29 NASB).

The PDF of the entire book is free of charge! Use this link to go to the page and download it. Be mightily blessed!