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February 3, 2017  

Faith Refuses to Hesitate #7: Removing Doubt from the Heart Series

February 3, 2017



Did you know that one definition of doubt is hesitation? As a practitioner of martial arts, I learned that hesitation in a self-defense situation could mean the difference between winning and losing the confrontation. In more deadly encounters, it is the difference between life and death. In spiritual matters, when facing the enemy, hesitation can be detrimental, and in certain cases, it can be deadly. We do not face our enemy in our own name. We can only face our enemy, the devil and demons, in the name of Jesus. We know that, but many are not too sure about their rights, privileges, and authority in Christ, so they face the enemy with hesitation. It takes understanding from God's Word, but once we have certain revelation and spiritual discernment, we must practice. We keep trusting and practicing until the hesitation is gone. The greatest thing that develops you is PRACTICE. It is not only knowing that in His Name we can lay hands on the sick and they will recover. It is by DOING the Word that hesitation leaves. The more you DO it, the less hesitation and the more confidence, assurance, and manifestation of real faith. Then you can’t slack off. You must practice and do some more! Learn the difference between faith and hesitation through this message.