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February 10, 2020  

Powerfully Prophetic Jonah Chapter 2- The Story of Our Great Redemption #31

February 10, 2020


I don't have the words to describe the magnificent prophetic utterance about the sacrifice of Jesus as found in Jonah 2. I will let it speak for itself. It is rich and glorious. Over the next few podcasts, including this one, you will see what I mean. As one preacher put it: "If this doesn't shake your tree, then nothing will because you are dead!" I trust these next few podcasts will shake you up for His glory! Be mightily and extraordinarily blessed!

If you have not done so, please study the previous podcasts to get a clearer understanding of this life-changing teaching. That way you get it in context. 

Download the free book that was the basis for most of this study, “The Story of our Great Redemption: Beyond Human Imagination!” That's the link to get the free 194-page book. I've published five different versions on this subject since 1977. The latest 2013 version in Spanish, Tres Días y Tres Noches en el Corazón de la Tierra” is 290 pages long. Obviously, the Lord taught me a few more things from His Word. That is the most complete version I have published. In its pages are many of the extra things I brought out in these podcasts that were not in previous versions. Get the free "Tres Días..." PDF here. Glory to God!