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November 12, 2018  

Redemption from the Curse-Part 3

November 12, 2018


Based on our study so far, we can come to some very important conclusions in this third podcast:

  1. The curse is not the will of God for His people. If the curse ever was God’s will, then why didn’t Jesus ever afflict anybody with any part of that curse? He never made anybody sick, poor, or to die prematurely? He went about healing ALL that were oppressed of the devil! (Acts 10:38)
  2. The curse was the direct result of disobedience to the commandment of God. We saw it in Genesis 3, and we will see it in many places in Scripture.
  3. We have redemption from the curse (Galatians 3:13), so we can walk free from it. Faith and trust in Christ’s redemption is essential in order to receive and walk in what was purchased for us.

Allow this podcast to put some “meat” on this “bare bones” outline! Be mightily blessed!