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December 1, 2018  

Redemption from the Curse-Part 5

December 1, 2018
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    To straighten out doctrine and theology, one must possess the answers to these three questions:

    1. What happened in the first three chapters of Genesis?
    2. Why did Jesus have to die in our place, and what did He provide through His sacrifice?
    3. What will happen at the end of time in the book of Revelation to remove sin, death, the curse, pain, and sorrow from human contact forever? 

    Get those three questions answered CORRECTLY from the Scripture, and it will begin to move you away from traditional ideas that make the Word of God of no effect in your life (Mark 7:13). This is exactly what we are doing in this series! 

    Disobedience to God’s Word grants access to the enemy and to the curse. We study this truth in some detail. It will open your eyes to WHY bad things happen on earth. 

    This study reveals MANY pearls of great price. They are gold nuggets or diamonds of truth! Don’t miss this continuing series. Be mightily blessed!