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February 2, 2017  

Removing Doubt from the Heart Series #5

February 2, 2017



This is from the collection of 37 short messages named "Removing Doubt from the Heart." The message you are about to hear has the same name as the series. It is the fifth teaching in the series. Based on Mark 11:23, many have developed the teaching of "you will have what you say." Yes, Mark 11:23 does say that one can have what they say, but that is not all it says. "Having what you say" needs to be qualified, and Jesus does that clearly in these verses (Mr. 11:22-26). I challenge you to listen to this message and begin to get a better understanding of why what you say is important. Learn that in order to "have what you say", Jesus said there must be NO DOUBT in your heart. That is a big one, but attainable in the Lord. Yes you most definitely have your part to play. Jesus tells us that one must speak directly to something. It says nothing here (in this context) about talking to God concerning your mountain. No talk here about telling God about your problem. It does not teach us to ask God to remove it either. It instructs us in what we are to do because we trust and obey God, or have faith in Him (v. 22). Verse 23 is not teaching us about prayer, though it can (an often does) overflow into prayer and forgiveness (v. 24, 25). It is teaching us about a command of faith coming from a place of fellowship and trust in God (v. 22). Are you ready for this? I think you are or you would not be here. Jesus practiced the truths presented by him in Mark 11:23 to speak to the woman bowed over for 18 years, the ten lepers, the blind, demon possessed, when commanding Peter to walk on the water, when catching fish in great numbers, converting the water into wine, speaking to the fig tree, and the list goes on. Be mightily blessed!