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February 2, 2017  

Removing Doubt from the Heart Series #6: Faith Agrees With God’s Word But Doubt Discriminates Against It

February 2, 2017



This is teaching number 6 from the 37 part series Removing Doubt from the Heart. In this message, Faith Agrees With God's Word But Doubt Discriminates Against It, you will begin to see that doubt is discriminatory against God's Word. It disfavors, shows bias against, treats indifferently, and does not appreciate the value of God's Word. Doubt devaluates and misjudges the Word. It rejects and refuses to believe it. Faith is all the opposite! Faith highly favors and appreciates God's Word. It acknowledges the eternal truth and value of God's Word, and moves out in trust and faithfulness. Faith is willing to step out into the unknown and the void with trust in God and His precious Word. Doubt is fearful, afraid, and shrinks back, but faith is trusting and trustworthy, and moves on with God. Be blessed!