Here are some (not all) of the Messianic prophecies fulfilled by Jesus in the Garden, on the cross, and during His death according to Psalms 22: 

  1. Verse 1- Forsaken by God (Mark 15:34).
  2. V. 2- Praying without ceasing before His death (Matthew 26:38-39).
  3. V. 6- Despised and rejected by His own people (Luke 23:21-23).
  4. V. 7- Mocked (Mt. 27:39).
  5. V. 8- Evil people will say, “He trusted in God, let Him now deliver Him.” (Mt. 27:41-43).
  6. V. 11- “None to help” because His disciples abandoned Him (Mark 14:50).
  7. V. 14a- Blood and water came out of His body (John 19:34).
  8. V. 14b, 16b- Death by crucifixion, hands and feet pierced (Mt. 27:35).
  9. V. 15- His thirst while suffering death (John 19:28).
  10. V. 16a- Gentiles (Jews called them dogs) will be present at His crucifixion (Luke 23:36).
  11. V. 16b- “A band of evildoers” refers in this particular case to the religious Jews that hated him and saw to it that He was crucified (Mt. 27:41-43).
  12. V. 18- Casting lots for His garments (John 19:23-24).
  13. … And the list goes on!

Wow! That Psalm is so precise and so clear that you have to have help to misunderstand it! It was given through David 1000 years before the Messiah hung on the cross. Again, WOW!

Listen to this anointed podcast and PLEASE forward it to all your family and friends. Glory to God!

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