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March 2, 2019  

Speaking by Faith in the Face of Death on the Cross: The Story of our Great Redemption #11

March 2, 2019


Maybe the title is so different, and it is so contradictory to traditional thinking, that it will cause you to listen closely to this podcast recording. Did Jesus speak by faith, speaking of things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17), when He stated from the cross, “Into your hands I commend my spirit”, and “It is finished”? Was there precedent in his ministry for this “speaking of things that are not as though they were”? Oh yes, and you need to hear about it. Why is this important? If you think that the entire plan of redemption was completed on the cross because Jesus stated, “It is finished”, then what do we do with His resurrection and ascension into Heaven? Weren’t those a part of the plan? When He ascended into Heaven was when He carried proof of His eternal sacrifice into the heavenly Holy of Holies and placed His precious blood on the Mercy Seat. What about Satan’s defeat in Hades (Revelation 1:18)? What about the day of Pentecost and the coming Holy Spirit? Weren’t these also a part of God’s great plan of redemption through His Son Jesus? (See Acts chapters 1 & 2.) 

This podcast will amplify your understanding in this area, and in the process of these podcasts, we will see it even clearer. If you think the podcasts are too short, remember that the subject matter is rarely taught as we are presenting it. It will be new to many ears and we have to build this line upon line, precept upon precept, and can’t be in a hurry over it. 

Be mightily blessed through this anointed podcast!

Download the free book that was the basis for most of this study, “The Story of our Great Redemption: Beyond Human Imagination!” That's the link to get the free 264-page book. I've published five different versions on this subject since 1977. The latest 2013 version in Spanish, “Tres Días y Tres Noches en el Corazón de la Tierra” is 290 pages long. That is the most complete version I have ever published. In its pages are many of the extra things I brought out in these podcasts that were not in previous versions. Get the free "Tres Días..." PDF here. Glory to God!